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MIT engineers 3-D-print stretchy mesh, with customized patterns designed to be flexible yet strong, for use in ankle and knee braces
MIT | 19.06.2019
Image credit: Felice Frankel

EPFL’s Blue Brain Project releases first-ever digital 3D mouse brain cell atlas
EPFL | 28.11.2018
Image credit: BBP/EPFL

A new hydrogel that naturally adheres to soft tissue like cartilage and the meniscus
EPFL | 21.11.2018
Image credit: 2018 EPFL

A noninvasive way of delivering drugs to within a few millimeters of a desired point in the brain
Stanford University | 07.11.2018
Image credit: Qian Zhong and Raag Airan

Scientists used nanoscale 3D printing to create tiny robots that can travel through your eye to deliver drugs
Science | 07.11.2018
Image credit: Science Advances (2018)

TWIICE, a lower-limb exoskeleton that can help paraplegics walk again, is a step towards independence
EPFL | 06.11.2018
Image credit: LSRO/EPFL

A very small magnetic steerable catheter for minimally invasive surgery
ETH Zürich | 30.10.2018
Image credit: ETH Zürich/Industry Relations

Microfluidics systems inside individual fibers may open up new possibilities for medical screening
MIT | 29.10.2018
Image credit: MIT researchers

Miniaturized electronic platform for the stimulation and recording of peripheral nerve fibers on a chip
EPFL | 23.10.2018
Image credit: Florent-Valéry Cohen 2018

Computer model predicts how different protein sequences will interact with the target
MIT | 15.10.2018
Image credit: Group6-3

3-D tissue model replicates the motor neuron connections affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
MIT | 10.10.2018
Image credit: Tatsuya Osaki/MIT

Super-resolution microscopy creates 3D reconstructions from single-color 2D images of protein complexes
EPFL | 04.10.2018
Image credit: Christian Sieben/EPFL